Just as it happened in the early church (Acts 6), as God grew the Emmanuel Bible Church congregation, the deacon ministry became essential to catch people falling through the cracks. The elders understand God's design for their own ministry to be oversight shepherding with a particular focus on prayer and the ministry of the Word. With the increasing numbers in the congregation, the elders could no longer engage all the congregation's shepherding needs and still keep their God ordained focus. So through the study of His Word, the Lord led the Emmanuel Bible Church leadership to establish the office of Deacon. The Office of Deacon at Emmanuel Bible Church is filled by men and women who are recognized by the church as being full of the Holy Spirit and wisdom (Acts 6), who meet the Biblical qualifications for deacon in I Timothy 3:8-13, and who have a servant's heart toward the flock of Christ. God's call to them is confirmed as the elders commission them for specific Holy Spirit initiated, focused and empowered shepherding ministries. The deacons' ministry is fluid in its nature, adaptable to the changing needs of the church, thus enabling the elders to fulfill their God given oversight shepherding role at Emmanuel Bible Church.  The specific sphere of deacon ministry is the day by day shepherding needs of the congregation to help it to grow and mature in the Lord. The deacons and deaconesses shepherd in practical ways, serving through a "hands on" relationship with the congregation that meets specific needs, always with a view toward the spiritual health of the church.

 A Deacon Council has been established to give leadership, training and encouragement to the EBC deacons and deaconesses, to serve as a clearing house for addressing needs presented to the deacons, and to give coordination to the ministry, distributing the shepherding load. 
The Deacon Council would be delighted to serve you or those whom you bring to their attention. Please contact the Church Office.