Family Life Groups

Our Family Life Groups (FLG's) are small groups that meet in homes throughout the week with the purpose of more fully experiencing and expressing the life of Jesus! These groups may not be what you would initially expect since they are not segregated by age or place in life and do not use a Bible study curriculum. Each group is a diverse, cross-section of our church family. Everyone, including children, are encouraged to participate! These small groups are sermon based and include a discussion on how to apply the main idea of the most recent Sunday morning sermon.

Main Goals…
-To increase fellowship and connection within the body at Emmanuel Bible Church with the goal of becoming a healthier church that more effectively fulfills the mission of making disciples and ultimately brings God glory!
-To provide more direct, comprehensive, and effective real-time shepherding.
-To assist in becoming more “doers of the word” and less “hearer’s only”.

There are a variety of groups that meet throughout the week and in various locations of town.  Registration happens at the beginning of each term; three terms are held from October - June. 

We encourage everyone to join a FLG ‘family’!  We would be happy to help you try and find a group if you are interested in joining one!

Contact the Church Office for more information on our Family Life Groups or to sign up!